Fight or Flight

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A little punny “Left Wing” Nutcracker…

We’ve all been there at some point or another. When I say there, I mean letting go and SPREADING OUR WINGS. Now, at these times in our lives we can stay within the boundaries placed before us for our safety or we can FLAP our own way through life hoping for the best. Today’s story is ushered in by the GULL of our youngest daughters recent choices.

During this particular story, I will be OSTRICH-sizing our youngest, with her permission, of course. For story sake, let’s call her, Darter. Now, Darter is the only remaining CHICKADEE still in the ROOST. She is our FLEDGLING preparing to TAKE FLIGHT very soon. Recently, she has been…let’s call it… FLYING OFF THE RADAR. She’s been going SOLO and taking FLYING LESSONS into her own hands regardless of the CURLEW. So, in spite of the NEST rules, our little MOCKINGBIRD thinks she is AS WISE AS AN OWL and old enough to make her own decisions. Now, her father, BALD EAGLE and I, CUCKOO…EGRET to inform her that we are not EMU-sed and quite honestly, she has managed to turn us into “ANGRY BIRDS”.

After much thought, BALD EAGLE and I have come up with what we think will WHIP POOR WILL. Each of us has a consequence she must endure. With some careful thought I have planned the perfect evening of NESTLING. We will be BIRD WATCHING some of my favorite movies. That’s punishment, you say? Yes! It is going to be hard to SWALLOW because it will enTAIL the wonderful movies she has refused to watch with me as a TANAGER. Not only will she be enduring moments of utter bliss engaging in the wonders of my movies but she will be entirely OFF THE GRID and CAGED when doing so. There will be no TWEETING of any sort. Sorry, PEEPS. And for the bonus round, I, CUCKOO will have full access to do all of the things she refuses me on a the daily like, hugging, conversing, cuddling, breathing, placing her hair behind ear, kissing her on the forehead, wiping her face with my spit, etc. Do you want to know why this is going to work? It will work because when I speak of it she turns into a RED BILLED OXPECKER and she has already insisted on an alternative consequence. She thinks, THIS PLACE IS FOR THE BIRDS! Here is me handing her a MOIST OULET for her tears. Insert hysterical COOING and SONG’S of laughter. I QUACK myself up!

Now, I realize some of you will think that spending time with your mom should never be a consequence and I totally agree. CHIRRUP, this is not something I will continue. At times, as a parent, we have to be creative in the area of discipline and use their own STROKES against them. Remember, TOUCAN play at this game! 😀

This is going to definitely RUFFLE DARTER’S FEATHERS but she will come out of it with FLYING colors. If we’re lucky, she will have a new BIRDS EYE VIEW just in time to get DOWN with BALD EAGLE and partake in the cleaning up of the the outside AVIARY.

Here’s to an evening of many TRILLS and HAWKward moments.

Signing off from the HOTSPOT,



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