To: Susan, the holder of my cans.

Photo by Pixabay on

Recently, I was on a mission cleaning out my Lazy Susan and a profound and bewildering question came to the forefront of my mind. It seems that in today’s day and age being offended is the thing to do. So I ask you, do you think “Susan” is offended that a circular rotating tray is named after her (aka… the Lazy Susan) and does she know the original name was deemed, dumbwaiter? If I was Susan, I may be questioning my identity and purpose! 😂

Signing off,   
"Creeping Jenny" 😛


Thanks for visiting! You can call me Jenne or Jennebee (pronounced Jenny with an E instead of an Y). If I had to describe myself, I would say I am a relationalist and creative dabbler, living on a laugh. I am rooted in the Midwest. Bismarck, ND to be exact. I am faith driven and I highly regard the tenacity of the human spirit. I believe in success and failure. I believe in family and how it takes a village to raise a child. But most of all I believe love does and will conquer all!

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