Word of the Day!

Photo by Kat Jayne on Pexels.com

Let’s shake things up a bit! How about I shoot you out an entertaining word on occasion AND challenge you to find a way to use it throughout your day? I will do my best to give you the proper pronunciation, interpretation and/or meaning.

Your challenge word is “BORBORYGM.”

My interpretation – when my stomach sounds like a Kentucky jug band and refuses to use its inside voice while demanding an audience of strangers.

Definition: Borborygm is the gurgling commotion your stomach and/or intestines make when moving around gases aka growling or rumbling.

Pronounced – bOr ber ig m – Bor is pronounced like a wild “Bore”. Ber is pronounced like ber in Iceberg. The ig is pronounced like the ig in Pig. The m is pronounced like um.

Let me know if you found a way to use the word and the reactions you got when using it. We are smarter now! Go get um!